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"You must play boldly to win.."


Scaling an early-stage company is difficult. Grow too fast and you can burn through precious cash. Scale too slowly and you can miss out on valuable market opportunities, losing employees and momentum. Scaling requires solid planning, adequate funding, and pragmatic, well thought out operating plans.



The landscape for young technology companies has never been more competitive. Prospective customers, employees, and investors are savvier to technology trends and more demanding in terms of product and service capabilities.  How do you give your company the best shot at being the .< 1% of companies that flourish - achieving a positive liquidity outcome? Align yourself with those who have done it before.

Early-stage companies face fierce pressures from both current and potential investors to perform, or else. Start-up companies and venture capitalists alike are returning to business fundamentals:

  • Solid business and financial models

  • Experienced management teams

  • Adequate Product / Market Fit

  • Well defined target markets

  • Proven products and market validated roadmaps

  • Defensible intellectual property or moat

  • Referencable customers, and 

  • Predictable, repeatable revenue


Technology companies need solid business models and execution plans from the outset. Achieving rapid sustainable growth separates the successful companies from the failed startups. The development and achievement of specific execution plans builds credibility with customers, employees, and investors. Whether developing initial business strategies, seeking venture financing, developing "go-to-market" plans, or evaluating potential exit strategies, startup and growth-stage companies need assistance from someone who has been there.

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