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“Strategy without execution is hallucination!”
Michael Rhoades, CEO CGI



Early stage companies are asked to do more with less. Prospective customers, investors, and candidate employees all want demonstrable results. To gain forward momentum and establish credibility, companies must achieve specific milestones. Companies often struggle with the creation and execution of tactical operational plans to match their strategic “big ideas.”

Successful Operating Plans involve a specific milestone and metrics-based approach. Key is the development of a repeatable, predictable, and scalable revenue model:​

  • Detailed development of "Go-to-Market" campaigns

  • Revenue Enhancement & Acceleration strategies

  • Customer Acquisition and Retention models

  • Definition of Strategy aligned KPIs and Performance Scorecards

  • Development of Sales Playbooks, employee training and onboarding

  • Product definition, market validation, and Roadmaps

  • Organizational alignment of all Customer & Partner facing entities - Marketing, Sales, Services, and Support

  • Development of Partner Ecosystems and Strategic Alliances

  • Definition of Professional Services & Technical Support Delivery Models

  • Analysis of liquidity options - M&A, IPO


One of the most difficult questions management will face:  “At what point do we ramp operations, and by how much?”


Prevail Ventures has 30 years of experience in ramping worldwide operations for emerging technology companies.

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