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"Whoever has the gold makes the rules... " 
The Golden Rule


Entrepreneurs and early management teams often miscalculate their funding requirements, total capital needed, and timing of capital infusion. Errors result in:

  • Loss of momentum or scaled-back operations

  • Unfavorable ownership and valuation terms

  • Management repeatedly raising capital and not running the daily business

Specifically understanding capital requirements is not a black art - it’s a process. Determining potential sources of capital requires matching a company’s needs against all available sources. Today’s capital markets look for business plans detailing the timing and amounts of: operational and capital expenses, revenue and cash flow projections resulting in an accumulative view of total capital requirements.


Prevail assists clients in converting detailed business and operating plans into needed capital requirements

Once capital requirements are well understood, a detailed list of appropriate funding sources (venture, strategic, or angel) can be developed. Prevail helps companies determine which sources provide the target profile for:

  • Sector specific expertise

  • Stage and amount of funding

  • Geographic proximity

  • Philosophy and approach

  • Syndicate partners

  • Access to industry heavyweights - distribution partners, etc.

  • Level of participation


The funding process is a targeted, intense sales effort. Entrepreneurs need to be prepared for a potentially exhaustive campaign. The experience, and prospects for funding, can be greatly enhanced by being fully prepared. Prevail assists its clients by:

  • Understanding the investment criteria for each potential investor

  • Developing a complete due diligence package

  • Analyzing comparable investments and exits

  • Reviewing current and expected ownership structure

  • Managing the cadence of the funding process

Prevail Ventures has the experience to fully manage the funding of your venture.

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